The Prophet’s Role of Advising World Leaders

These thoughts come primarily from insights given by Jeff Meyers in lectures on the book of Acts at Cornerstone Reformed Church, March 22-23, and a follow up conversation with my pastor, Burke Shade and friend Nathan Brunaugh. These men would likely credit their insights back to the work of James Jordan.

What should a Christian’s involvement with the state be (at any level of government)?  It is certainly not wrong for a Christian to enter public service and work within the system to bring about positive change.  However, the Bible presents a slightly different role, that of an advisor to the king or any other authority.  One that councils the leaders of the community, state, or nation in matters of justice, equity, wisdom, and righteousness in accordance with God’s law.  This could even go down to the family government level, with faithful Christians counseling and advising those who comes to them with questions about their different way of life.  This is the role of a prophet. Continue reading


My Review of “Ecclesiastes Through New Eyes: A Table in the Mist” by Jeff Meyers

I recently finished reading “A Table in the Mist” by Jeff Meyers, a commentary on the book of Ecclesiastes.  The book is part of the “Through New Eyes” series.  As I mention in my review on Goodreads (both linked and pasted below), I may write a more complete review in the future when I finish reading the book for a second time.  Jeff Meyers pastors a PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) church in St. Louis, MO.  He will be presenting a series of lectures on the book of Acts at Cornerstone Reformed Church in Carbondale IL, for our annual theological conference on March 22nd and 23rd.  It should be really good. Continue reading